Friday, February 16, 2007

mike gunderloy's "coder to developer"

This is the book you wish all the junior programmers you've ever worked with had read. Actually, a lot of senior programmers could use a good whack in the head from this book too. Mike describes many of the practices you need to implement to move past the "good coder" stage to "good developer" - things like bug tracking, source code control, automated testing, documentation, IDE extensions.

Instead of just saying "do this or suffer", the book includes specific tools, many open source or free, to implement the practices. Of course, the tools mentioned in the book are almost immediately out of date, but you should be able to find the latest best of breed tools for each category without much trouble (one place to look is Mike's blog, The Daily Grind).

If you (or your employer or your clients) comes up short on the Joel Test, this book is an excellent resource for flipping those particular bits.

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Anonymous said...

It's extraordinarily dependent on a small subset of tools and languages. It's not about how to become a developer, it's how to develop within that small subset (and a single IDE).