Friday, April 20, 2007

stagnation test

Here's a test for the coders: find some code you wrote two years ago and take a look at it.

Does it make you cringe? It's good if it does - it means you've been elevating your game. If you weren't any better then it would look just fine.


Anonymous said...

I feel slightly nauseous when I look at code I wrote six months ago. (Therefore I must be a genius!)

Jim Davis said...

What I notice most about old code (written at various work places) is how it varies in complexity/elegance, depending on my estimate of the coding abilities of my peers. I would sometimes find that I needed to "dumb down" the code so I could have some confidence that programmers who came later might be able to modify it. It's sad to admit, but some people just don't get functional programming or closures. Other times I'd find myself writing lengthy explanatory comments (e.g. to explain MVC). In any case, I don't attribute changes in my coding style much to changes in my own skill, but more to the environment in which I was working.