welcome to code slate (or is that code's late?)

I kind of like the ambiguity in the the blog name (and domain). If you read it as "code slate", it's about writing software on a clean slate. If you read it as "code's late", well, that's also about writing software.

So here's the first post - the post which nobody will read since the blog is brand spanking sparkly new. Well, somebody might (hi Mom!). Along with the usual funny pictures and random thoughts, I'm planning on writing about how to make excellent software.

What's excellent software? Well, it's small, fast, intuitive, has an easy user interface, is robust, has beautiful code. It's trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, obedient and cheerful. Yes, excellent software is like a boy scout, but generally with fewer fart jokes. I'll be writing about coding and user interface design (for which I have a lot of experience). I'll also sometimes write about marketing and the state of the software industry (for which I have, um, a lot of opinions).

A brief bit about me: I went to school at the University of Washington where I majored in computer science (back when it was still in the crappy building). Since then I've written a lot of software - I was the director of product development for a medical software company, and I've been a consultant since around 1995 (including writing msinfo and msconfig as a vendor for Microsoft).

By the way, that picture of me over there? It's the best one I could find but I seem to be wearing a tie in it. Which means either somebody got married or somebody died.