mr. biteme, of the nantucket bitemes?

I was helping my stepfather install the new version of real player (yeah, I know) because he absolutely had to play some ra files. At one point - and apparently I wasn't aware of this technical limitation in CODECs - it's critical that Real Networks have his e-mail address in order to play an audio file.

Of course, I entered It said that address was in use.

So I changed it to And that address also was in use.

Finally I added a bunch of random characters to the domain and got through. You think maybe Real Networks could figure out that people don't really want to give out their e-mail just to listen to some bird calls?


Anonymous said…
Next time, I'd recommend trying RealAlternative with Media Player Classic ( ). I hate realplayer too, but I wouldn't put it on my mom's PC.
Unknown said…
I use You make up a temp e-mail address like Then go to to check you in box. This is handy for those crappy sites that require you to click a link to verify.
Ivo Limmen said…
You could try and use HelixPlayer. The open source version of RealPlayer.